Detect and correct the errors on your hard drive


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The performance of your hard drive isn´t always at its best; if you thoroughly examine each section that composes it, it´s normal to find some anomalies.

That´s what CheckDrive is for, it immediately examines, detects and corrects any errors the units on your hard drive may have, those in charge of shutting down your PC without closing Windows correctly or the ones that create errors in your system.

With this free version of CheckDrive you will be able to check your system to access the information regarding the state of your hard drive and know if it needs to be cleaned or defragmented.

This application lets you know the moment an error occurs in your C: unit and it will give you, once analysed, the list with all the incidences it found.

With CheckDrive, get rid of all the deficiencies that reduce your hard drive´s performance.
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